About TLC Speech

Our Mission

To transform the lives of children by maximizing their potential to participate fully in a happy and independent life.

Our Vision

To be the chosen clinic for your family to receive services with the full confidence that all our therapists and educators are professional, fully qualified and well-trained to help your child.

Our Philosophy

  1. Individualised
    We believe your child is unique with individual strengths and talents. They deserve personalised and individualised intervention designed to meet his or her specific needs. Your child can be successful in their own way. We work on building on their strengths while supporting development to the next level.
  2. Family-Centered & Empowerment
    We believe in a family-centered approach and aim to empower you and your child’s carers to support their development.
  3. Fun, Balanced & Flexibility
    Therapy must be fun, rewarding, and meaningful to your child with an appropriate balance of child-initiated and adult directed activities. Time and patience is required to understanding your child’s interests to improve participation and help generalization. We understand the need to be flexible to adapt to a child’s mood or specific needs on any given day.
  4. Collaboration & Whole Child Approach
    Your child may see more than one professional. Collaboration and communication with members of your child’s therapy team is essential for a a whole child approach and facilitates overall development. We believe in open communication. By working closely with families, carers and other members of the team, we can provide a holistic intervention.
  5. Advocacy
    To communicate is to bring freedom to a person’s life. We recognise that sometimes children cannot express themselves readily, and we work to be their advocates to give them a voice in any modes and modality.
  6. Trust & Nurture
    Children flourish with love, we believe in providing therapy in a loving and nurturing environment for your child where trust and relationship builds on the strength and effectiveness of the therapy.
  7. Excellence & Quality
    We are dedicated to excellence and aims to providing quality and effective diagnostic and therapeutic services to our children and families. We constantly keep our skills and knowledge updated by staying in tune with the latest in the field with consistent professional development.