Parent Training Workshop Series

Parent Training Workshop Series

Coming to you every first Thursday evening of each month at 7 to 8.30pm... 

  • What can I do about Bullying?

2nd Feb 2017

Presented by Dr Cheryl Seah

Bullying behaviours in schools are getting more common and are highly distressing for children, with a detrimental impact on their emotional wellbeing and school performance. In this talk, we shall learn about ways to bully-proof our children, to identify behaviours that suggest our child may be bullied and what we should do as parents to stop the bullying. This is suitable for parents and teachers of children aged 2 years to 18 years old.

  • Learning Language between 6 months to 3 years

2nd Mar 2017

Presented by Ms Meng Yi Yui

Learn how to support your little one's language development from a professional Speech and Language Therapist. Babies and toddlers acquire language at lightning speeds and as parents and carers, we are their primary models. Learn how to encourage and enhance your child's growing communication skills while developing a deep and lasting relationship with your child. Take home resources and tips on how to communicate with your child as she grows and develops by making small changes that work with your lifestyle. 

This workshop will also answer the following questions:

- What do I expect to see between 6 months and 3 years

- What are the red flags to a speech and language delay? 

- Sign language, flashcards, bilingualism, and educational videos 

- How do bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, and early feeding relate to speech development?

  • How to help My Child be Included?

6th Apr 2017

Presented by Dr Cheryl Seah

With the new compulsory education act in place, all children with or without special needs will benefit from an inclusive classroom environment. How can I advocate for my child to be fully included in school activities and to support the teachers as they embrace my child with learning needs? How much and what should I tell the school about my child’s needs? How do I make sure my child will not be ostracized? This talk is suitable for parents and teachers of children aged below 12 years old. 

  • Understanding Echolalia – Why does my child repeat what I say?

4th May 2017

Presented by Ms Neeta Nath

Do you ever wonder why your child constantly repeats after you? Does your child repeat phrases from cartoons and movies? Contrary to popular belief, this may not totally be a bad thing! This workshop aims at providing information on echolalia, discusses the reasons why a child is echolalic and how to intervene.

Suitable for:  Parents with children on the Autism Spectrum

This workshop will leave you with knowledge about:

- Echolalia and its relationship with language development

- Differences between echolalia and delayed echolalia

- Identifying WHY your child is echolalic

- Treatment for echolalia - Tips and strategies for parents to start using at home 

  • Mischievous or Misunderstood?

1st June 2017

Presented by Dr Cheryl Seah

Why are some children so active, or are they being naughty? How do we know when a child has special needs (eg., hyperactivity, autism, dyslexia) and are not just being mischievious? This talk is suitable for parents, relatives and teachers with children showing difficulties such as sitting through a task, making friends, compliance with instructions, being organized. In this talk, we shall explore some reasons for children’s active behavior, learn about what we should do next, and some tips to help our children.

  • Phonological Awareness: What is it and how does it affect my child's Reading and Writing?

6th Jul 2017

Presented by Ms Bethany Steward

Improving literacy ability for 4-10 year olds.

Learn about the phonological awareness approach to helping your child improve their literacy skills. Literacy is essential for education as well as everyday life.  Children who are slow to develop literacy skills can fall behind their peers quickly and develop negative attitudes toward reading.  It is important to provide these children with an efficient scientifically proven intervention.

This program aims to improve your child's: 

- Ability to identifying sounds in words

- Ability to segment words into individual sounds

- Ability to blend sounds into words

- Accuracy and efficiency of letter sound knowledge

- Reading and spelling ability 

All workshops at $10 per family.

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