TLC Loving Language Program

TLC Loving Language Program

Program Basis

TLC Loving Language group program is designed to encourage expressive language skills in preschool children through fun play, games and activites. Some children who are considered "quiet" by their carers need that extra professional "push" to help them improve their ability to express themselves better and clearer. At TLC, our speech and language therapist helps stimulate language in these children through fun and meaningful activities. We work on improving the child's vocabulary through rich sensory experience so they can pick up the skills more readily. Parents also learn through these programs how to encourage expressive language in their children. 

Tools and Techniques Used

  • Parent training e.g., Hanen, coaching and guided practice
  • Activities, games, facilitated play
  • Visual supports, e.g., PECS
  • Music and songs
  • Sensory strategies and support
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Carryover activities/parent tips/education and support

What The Program Offers?

  • Dyad or group sessions
  • consultations and education for parents and professionals
  • Home or school visits

Who Can Benefit?

  • Children who are considered "quiet" by their teachers/parents
  • Children with speech and language delays
  • Children with suspected/diagnosed disabilities/delay/disorders
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