TLC Parent Workshop Series

TLC Parent Workshop Series

Coming to you every Thursday evening of each month at 7 to 8pm... 


  • Feeding Therapy for Children - Tips and Strategies

22nd Aug 2019

Presented by Senior Speech & Language Therapist, Ms Meng Yi Yui

Learn how to support your child's feeding development from a professional Speech and Language Therapist. Pick up practical skills and ideas about feeding therapy. Take home tips on how to help your child as he grows and develops his feeding skills to help him eat better. 

This workshop will also answer the following questions:

- What is normal feeding development?

- What are the red flags to a feeding problem?

- How can the Speech & Language Therapist help? 

- What are the tools I can use to help my child? 

  • Understanding Echolalia – Why does my child repeat what I say?

19th Sept 2019

Presented by Senior Speech & Language Therapist, Ms Neeta Nath

Do you ever wonder why your child constantly repeats after you? Does your child repeat phrases from cartoons and movies? Contrary to popular belief, this may not totally be a bad thing! This workshop aims at providing information on echolalia, discusses the reasons why a child is echolalic and how to intervene.

Suitable for:  Parents with children on the Autism Spectrum

This workshop will leave you with knowledge about:

- Echolalia and its relationship with language development

- Differences between echolalia and delayed echolalia

- Identifying WHY your child is echolalic

- Treatment for echolalia - Tips and strategies for parents to start using at home 


  • How to Encourage My Young Child to Speak More?

24th Oct 2019

Presented by Speech & Language Therapist, Ms Cliona Hickey

By the age of 2 to 3, toddlers typically have words for most things and can use two- to three-word phrases. If your toddler isn’t quite there yet, immerse them in the world of words to unleash their inner chatterbox!

In this workshop we will be talking about tips and tricks to encourage your child to talk more.


  • Building Blocks to the First Words in Children

21st Nov 2019

Presented by Speech & Language Therapist, Ms Kelly Ho

Every parent look forward to hear their child's first words. But did you know that the road to using words starts way before children’s first words? In fact, there is a series of pre-verbal skills that children must first master before advancing to communication with words.  
This workshop guides you through the building blocks to early language development in children. 


All workshops at $5 per pax..

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