TLC School Readiness Programme

TLC School Readiness Programme

Program Basis

Starting school is an important time for children and families. Children who make a positive start to school are more likely to feel valued, motivated to learn and develop good relationships with others.

Starting school is not just about the first day or first week. It’s a process that begins for some children and families 1-2 years before. Our role is to support your child through the process, preparing them to cope with the new challenges by developing their social, emotional and learning skills. Supporting your child’s skills in these areas contributes to their mental health and wellbeing. They then become better learners, have stronger relationships and are better able to meet life’s challenges.

What will Your Child Learn?

  • Cognitive (Literacy, Numeracy, Concepts)
  • Communication (Receptive, following instructions in noisy environment, expressive eg., conversational, listening and expanding)
  • Social (Interpersonal, following social rules, teacher relations, peer relations; self-help/independence (buying food, mealtime, personal hygiene, dressing, awareness of safety, use of money, getting needs met, time concept, organisation)

This specialised developmental program aims to help your child get ready for formal school in these areas:

  • Improve following classroom rules and routines 
  • Remediate academics skills
  • Improve focus and attention
  • Build organisation skills and 
  • Foster social-emotional skills 

What The Program Offers?

  • Small and conducive classes for your child
  • Held 3 times a week on Tuesdays to Thursdays 10am -12noon or 3pm - 5pm

Tools and Techniques Used?

  • Small student-teacher ratio
  • Role play of primary school setting
  • Visual supports and social stories/scripts
  • Sensory and behavioral strategies and support
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Carryover activities/parent tips
  • Parent education and support
  • Individualised goals to suit the needs of each child

Who Can Benefit?

  • Children of 5 – 8 years old
  • Learns best in small group of 6 children 
  • Require extra specialised attention in acquiring school readiness skills 
  • Ones at risk for learning disabilities e.g. dyslexia 

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