TLC Sensory Food Explorers

TLC Sensory Food Explorers

Program Basis

Feeding for some children does not come easy, and there are multiple reasons why this is so. It could be coping with the texture and the composition of the food item, maintaining an upright posture for eating, moving one’s oral muscles to chew food that is offered to them.

TLC's Sensory Food Explorers program is a play-based program that focuses on your child’s comfort level in exploring and learning about food in a stress free way. The program follows the developmental progression of both feeding skills and texture introduction when working with your child’s sensitivity towards food. Participants will also learn to work on their jaw, lips, and tongue movements to improve their ability to deal with different food textures. In addition, your child will benefit from the group setting and encouragement from peers to try new foods!

What The Program Offers? 

  • weekly sessions for 10 weeks
  • Individual or group sessions to help parents work with children on enjoying positive eating, decreasing behaviors that interfere with eating, improving oral motor/feeding skills, and increasing food intake. 

Who Can Benefit?

This Program is catered to for picky eaters, children with feeding problems, and children on alternative feeding. 

The child may exhibit the following:

  • Dislike for touching his/her food
  • Fussiness during meal times
  • Difficulty chewing certain food textures
  • Taking only limited types of food

* Children have to be screened for admission to these programs. Please contact your Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) for more details.

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