TLC Training and Outreach Programme

TLC Training and Outreach Programme

Program Basis

At TLC, we understand the importance of training and outreach. We believe in collaboration and understanding our children in a holistic manner by working closely with our families and team members. We enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary team that promotes ongoing communication among our therapists and outside professionals. We also work hard at sharing our areas of expertise and providing consultation, training, workshops, and presentations to:

  • Preschool and Schools
  • Special Schools
  • Early Intervention Programs
  • Hospitals and Organizations
  • Public and Support Groups
  • Professional Groups
  • Diploma and Undergraduate Students

Our Specialty

These are our areas of specialty:

  • Feeding and Swallowing
  • Social Communication
  • Early Intervention
  • Hanen® Training (Supporting a caregiver’s role in communication)
  • Speech/Articulation/Oral Motor
  • Language Development

What The Program Offers?

We provide either one-time or ongoing trainings, supervision, and program development.

Workshops can be customized for your specific program, staff, or client. Please contact us for more information on costs and to determine the structure that would best suit your particular needs.

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