AAC Intervention Program


We have seen children’s lives being transformed when they are introduced to AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication). It is a very powerful tool and breaths personality and life into the children that it touches. It is suitable for children who are nonverbal or has limited verbal ability due to various reasons. Depending on their cognitive ability and receptive language skills, the AAC employed can vary from low technology to high technology.

The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is an augmentative communication system developed to help your child quickly acquire a functional means of communication. It is great for children in the Autism Spectrum to learn what communication is about, and helps to alleviate their frustration when used consistently in the family. It is also useful for children who has no or limited speech. It helps to continue support their development of expressive vocabulary as they develop their speech skills. For more information on PECS, please visit:

In the recent years, Ipad has taken the market by storm. The AAC apps that are available in the Ipad has proven to be popular with parents and therapists alike due to its affordability. We have experience with children using the Ipad in Proloquo2Go™, a software application developed by AssistiveWare. With our guidance and support, your child will be able to use their AAC effectively for communication.