Speech and Language Therapy

Our experienced speech and language pathologists believe that it is important to use the right approaches for the right problems. We are trained in many different approaches, but it is to understand how to use each approach to cater to the needs of each child that makes us a specialist and not just blindly using one approach to fit all.

We provide the following therapy:

Here are some approaches that we use:

Inclusive Education 

Our experienced Inclusive Educators are passionate about equipping the children with the right tools so they are ready for school and for life! We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to grow and flourish in school and their daily lives with the right support and skills. 

How do we help? 

Special Needs Educator

Here are some approaches that we use:

  • Orton-Gillingham Approach
  • Auditory-Visual Interactive Decoding
  • Learning Without Tears: Get Ready for School
  • Talkabout Children

Psychological Services

Our psychologists are specially chosen for their quality and experience to work with our team of therapists.  

Our psychologists provide 

Art Therapy

Art Therapy