Neuro-Developmental Therapy (NDT)


The NDT Approach is a hands-on, problem solving approach that involves direct guidance of your child to maximise function. It is a very intuitive approach as we are guided by the child’s reactions throughout every treatment session. NDT is usually used with individuals with central nervous system (CNS) pathophysiology. The individual's strengths and impairments are identified and addressed in relation to functional abilities and limitations.

What are the benefits?

In speech therapy, it helps us to understand the child’s need of posture, balance and breathing to achieve speech. Therapists trained in NDT has an ‘eye’ in identifying and problem-solving the various issues that can affect a child’s development in speech, language, and feeding. At TLC, we are NDT Trained or NDT Certified™ and our education in neurology, physiology, and current research is translated into daily practice based on NDT theory and philosophy.

What are the goals?

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