Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets System


The PROMPT System is a dynamic, “hands on” therapy method that provides cues for your child to speak. It is great for children with apraxia and motor speech disorders. It provides touch cues of pressure, place, and timing to enhance neuromuscular memory for motor planning of speech, thus help your child to produce specific sounds or words that seemed problematic. By reshaping your child’s production of individual or connected articulatory phonemes, we work towards improving their speech intelligibility. At TLC, we have many years of experience and are trained in the advanced PROMPT© Therapy. We have seen many success story from this system and continues to enjoy supporting your children in improving their speech.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides integrated auditory, tactile, and visual feedback to help the child with speech motor planning
  • The gradual structure of modulating the amount of prompts as feedback helps the child move towards more accurate speech
  • Helps to shape production by facilitating control and movement of the jaw, face, lips or tongue for speech
  • PROMPT is dynamic and can be used to create and organize a single sound, word, phrase or sentence

What are the goals?

  • For the minimally verbal child, to help them start to use a sound in response to a request, interaction or question.
  • The child will produce sounds, words, phrases, sentences to be used in interactive, functional routines or activities.
  • The child will produce more or less normalised vocal communication (with more or less precision).
  • The child will move through a complex hierarchy from phonation, to mandibular, to labial- facial, lingual control.
  • The child will learn to motor plan and sequence sounds in multisyllables.

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