Language Intervention

Who do we help?

Children with language delay/disorders may have trouble understanding and talking. Receptive language can affect your child’s ability to follow directions, answer questions, identify objects and pictures, and take turns when talking. Children with expressive language may have trouble asking questions, finding words to say, forming sentences, and knowing how to start a conversation and keep it going. Many children have problems with both understanding and talking.

How do we help?

For younger children, we will assess their language abilities through play. For older children who are able to sit and attend, we may perform a formal test to evaluate their language skills. During the formal language tests, we will identify different areas of receptive and expressive difficulties such as vocabulary, grammer, sequencing, and sentence structure. Once identified, we will work with you, teachers, and other relevant personnels to improve on your child’s language skills. Good language skills help with learning, behavior, self- esteem, and social skills.