Social Communication Intervention

Who do we help?

Parents sometimes tell us that their child has difficulty playing with friends and do not know how to initiate conversation with friends. Such issues can be related to difficulties in the mastery of the rules of social language, known as pragmatics. Pragmatic disorders often coexist with other language problems, such as vocabulary development or grammer. Children with social communication difficulties have problems in the social uses of verbal and nonverbal communication in naturalistic contexts. This affects their interaction with their peers and families. It can co-exist with disorders other than Autism Spectrum Disorder (e.g., Speech Disorder, Learning Disorder, Intellectual Disorders)

How do we help?

TLC provides individual and group therapy to assist with the development of pragmatic language, social communication, and Social Thinking ®. Group therapy brings children of similar levels of social interaction together for weekly sessions. We facilitate social interaction by improving engagement and circles of communication amongst children. We also teach them strategies for understanding social rules, what is expected in social situations, ways to increase social comfort, and how to communicate and connect with others. Individual therapy is also provided for those that need or want more specific support and guidance to help them navigate their social world. See here for more information on our social program.