We are Singapore’s leading multi-disciplinary, one-stop therapy clinic for children, providing a holistic range of effective intervention services such as speech therapy, occupation therapy, educational therapy, and our acclaimed programmes for early intervention, school readiness and AAC.

We believe that with the right individualised treatment approach, every child can develop their unique strengths to support their weaknesses in achieving their full potential. We also believe in empowerment and advocacy for parents and families to help their children live life to the fullest.

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Speech & Language Therapy

Does your child have difficulty saying or  pronouncing words, speaking fluently, understanding instructions, expressing himself or herself, telling a story, or conversing with friends?

Feeding & Swallowing Therapy

Does your child have difficulty swallowing, sucking from bottle/breast, biting or chewing food? Is your child tube fed, unable to take orally, is drooling, or fussy with food?

Occupational Therapy

Does your child appear clumsy or uncoordinated, have little interest in playing with friends, appear overly bothered by certain sensations, or have difficulty managing emotions?

Educational & Developmental Therapy

Does your child have difficulty reading letters and counting, catching up with school academics, participating in class routines, or have difficulty with classroom behavior?

Educational Psychology

Does your child have academic learning, social anxieties, or behavioral issues? Does he/she require a school placement or IQ test?


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