TLC Parent Training

TLC is committed to educating families, including parents and carers to support their children. This is done in all our individual and group sessions, including EIP. Whenever possible, we encourage parents and carers to join in the sessions to empower them with the skills and knowledge to help their child. TLC runs regular parent training webinars and workshops to equip parents and families with practical ways to help their children.

TLC Parent Webinar

We run webinars and workshops series on a regular basis. 
Mark this page for our next webinar /workshop!

Webinar / Workshop TitleDateTime
My Child Has Different Sensory Needs! How Can a Sensory Diet Help?25 February 202410:00am - 11:00am
Is My Child Ready for School?TBCTBC
Incorporating Learning Throughout the DayTBCTBC
Making Reading FunTBCTBC
Handwriting for KidsTBCTBC