Speech & Language Therapy

Our Speech & Language Therapists help individuals with:

Speech and Language Difficulties
Feeding and Swallowing Difficulties
Social Communication Issues
Voice Disorder
or Issues
Limited or
No Speech
Auditory Processing Difficulties
Literacy and Dyslexia
Learning Delays
or Difficulties
Stuttering or
Selective Mutism


We provide both standardised evaluations such as CELF -5, CELF-5 Metalinguistic test, and GFTA – 3 assessments and non-standardised evaluation through play, parent interaction and child observation.

Intervention Used

• The Hanen Program
• The DIR®/Floortime™ Therapy
• AAC Intervention Program
• Social Thinking Program
• TalkTools® Oral Placement Therapy (OPT)
• Neuro-Developmental Therapy
• PROMPT Therapy