What Our Clients Say about Us?

We are grateful that many families have opened their hearts and shared their journey with us. We are proud to be part of their triumphs and sorrows. And most importantly, to have the privilege to get to know their children. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.



Mr W, Canada

We saw Jo and she was wonderful with our daughter! Jo explained to us about her sensory issues in such a way that we could understand it clearly and provided us with different approaches to work on them. She was pleasant, calm and engaging with our daughter who can be anxious sometimes. She also made the sessions fun and I could see our daughter look forward to her sessions each week! We saw improvements in our daughter week to week and appreciated the exercises she provided us to continue practising at home. I will definitely recommend TLC to my friends😊.

EK, Singapore

I have been meaning to write to you for long. I wanted to update you that D is doing well in terms of his speech. It was like, one night the light went on, and started to utter more and more words. Even saying the names of the dinosaurs (remember during one of the sessions we joked about it). And i can’t thank you enough for your therapy sessions— it helped us tremendously.

D’s Mum, Singapore

My child was diagnosed with social development delay when she was just 18 months old. She is a jovial kid and whilst growing up she was picking up things very well till her 12-14 months, even when she was barely 12 months she was able to point to her ear, nose, hair etc, she also used to say some one words, tiger, lion, dog and pigeon. However we noticed that she slowly stopped saying those words. Particularly she was not making eye contacts and not responding to her names by the time she reached 18 months.

During this period, because of our busy schedule we let her have a lot of screen time, particularly mobile phone streaming cartoons and rhymes. She even watched some television. Because of the covid-19, we rarely used to go out and all along she was mostly indoor. By the time she reached 18 months, we recognised the pattern and took her to a pediatrician who advised us to take her to a therapy program.

This is where we found TLC Speech Clinic, they offered her an integrated program that combines speech therapy with preschool activities for children of her age. We were very impressed with the detailed assessment of our child that was done by Ms. Yi Yui.

We made the right decision to join TLC and really blessed to have a wonderful teacher like Katrina to help my child. Since the last two months she is undergoing this integrated program and we see that she has made progress. For example, she is making a lot more eye contacts than before and has started saying a few things, names of animals and fruits, etc. We have also reduced her screen time to zero and she did not throw any tantrum. What makes me most content as a father is that she learns something new in these classes and she enjoys these sessions. I see a lot of joy and happiness in her.

Mr S, India

ZR has really enjoyed her time with you (Wei Ling and Yi Yui) and has made immense progress. You are doing a fantastic job, well done! And congratulations from a happy parent and student. Stay safe and connected. Love ZR.

ZR and her Mum, Singapore