TLC International Visitor Intensives

At TLC, we understand that seeking therapy treatment outside one’s home country can be both physically and emotionally challenging. We are a one-stop therapy service centre that can assist you in receiving fuss-free access to specialised therapists, educators, psychologists and paediatricians. Our team of experts have many years of experience working with international paediatric patients. We provide quality and comprehensive assessments, evaluations and consultations during your visits. When planned ahead, we can provide intensive therapy or treatment during the period of time that you are in Singapore.

International Therapy Care

Depending on your child’s therapy needs, we can recommend the appropriate specialists, schedule appointments for you and make all the necessary arrangements for your visit.

We can help you with:

This can be for:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Educational Therapy
  • Psychology

or a Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation for a holistic and comprehensive assessment.  

Given the short duration you are here in Singapore, we are able to plan for intensive sessions to help accelerate development and learning.

We are able to arrange for TelePractice sessions after you leave to follow up with the therapy received in Singapore. 

We provide detailed follow up plans for you to bring back to your home country so that you can continue to help your child improve.

Planning Your Trip

  • Contact TLC Speech Clinic before your planned arrival
  • Liaise with our Specialists or Directors of your needs 
  • Register with the Clinic
  • Send in any prior reports or summaries
  • Bring along any relevant materials as instructed
  • Meet our friendly staff and therapists to get started!

Who Can Benefit?

Families who have difficulty looking for qualified and experienced Therapists and Psychologists in their country
Families looking for specialised or intensive treatment or intervention not available in their country
Families who wish to continue treatment for their children during their short stay in Singapore
Families from overseas who are looking for advice and home program for their child
Families looking for specialised Therapists with skills not available in their country