TLC Sensory Food Explorer Program

TLC Sensory Food Explorer Program is a play-based program that focuses on your child’s comfort level in exploring and learning about food in a stress-free way. The program follows the developmental progression of both feeding skills and texture introduction when working with your child’s sensitivity towards food. Participants may also learn jaw, lips, and tongue movements to improve their ability to deal with different food textures.

What the Program Offers

  • Weekly sessions for 10 weeks
  • Individual or group sessions of 2-3 children
  • Parental involvement to help your child learn to enjoy positive eating, decrease behaviours that interfere with eating, improve oral motor/ feeding skills, and
    increase food intake
  • Group setting encourages peer modelling to try new foods

Who Can Benefit?

This Program is catered for picky eaters, children with feeding problems, and children on alternative modes of feeding. Your child may exhibit the following:

  • Dislike for touching his or her food
  • Fussiness during mealtimes
  • Difficulty chewing certain food textures
  • Taking a limited variety of food
  • Taking a long time to eat
  • Difficulty weaning off the alternative feeding method