Program Details

3, 5 & full-day programmes
Hanen-trained teachers
and therapists
Regular Speech Therapy (ST)
and Occupational Therapy (OT) during EIP hours
Consistent routines that
make learning easier
Small group size
encourages natural
language learning and relationship-building
Specially trained staff for
speech and feeding issues


The benchmarks of each intervention goal are aligned with Singapore Ministry of Education’s Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) and ECHO (Early Childhood Holistic Outcomes) frameworks. We also use the AEPS (Assessment, Evaluation and Programming System for Infants and Children) and Hanen paradigms as goalsetting tools for treatment.

Key Dates for the year 2024

Term 1
Sessions03 January – 23 March
Parent-Teacher Meetings22 March
Term Break27 – 31 March
Term 2
Sessions03 April – 16 June
Parent-Teacher Meetings14 June
Term Break19 – 30 June
Term 3
Sessions05 July – 22 September
Parent-Teacher Meetings20 September
Term Break25 – 29 September
Term 4
Sessions02 Oct – 14 December
Parent-Teacher Meetings13 December
Term Break18 – 29 December

Watch this space for our year-end party!